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    Hey guys! Just noticed yesterday that Sigtrap updated SL0 with a huge DLC pack… And fortunately, I’m on vacation and today was somewhat of a nasty day outside, so I grabbed my Xbox One controller and had a go at the game. Made a few quick runs and unlocked the new “advanced campaign” (or, at least, the first three levels of it). My initial run of the first level, no commentary:

    Sublevel Zero Redux – Advanced Campaign Sublevel 0 (No commentary)

    I’ve already recorded the runs of the second and third levels, but I’ll have to wait until I get home and get on a better connection to upload them. They’ll be on my Youtube channel. 🙂

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    Yeah It’s a pretty fun little game. I really like the creative weapons too. The game overall I feel like is too easy, then again, I’ve played a lot of descent 1/2. Also if you just rush either the Arcpulse or the Gauss, it’s a complete cakewalk. Overall a perfect 5/7 from me.

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