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    There’s a feature I’d really like to see in the game that I call Custom Challenge Mode (CCM), though it’s slightly more than what the name implies.

    I believe it has a potential to add significant amount of replay value and positive community buzz for relatively little effort on part of the developers.

    It consists of three integral parts I will now describe.

    1) Custom challenge setup

    Before beginning a CCM game you go through a setup screen, where you can customize all kinds of settings relevant to the game – or leave them to random chance. These settings would include the map to be played, possible starting equipment and condition (low armor beginning, anyone?) and most importantly the possible weapon, pickup and enemy spawns, spawn frequencies and spawn limits. We could also set up several ending conditions, optionally labeling them as “victory” or “defeat”. A hopeless fight against Shredders using only Driller and no armor drops at all? Kill ten robots in five minutes with Smash as your only weapon? Infiltrate the Fortress of Titans and defeat them with you trusty Flak Cannon and their own missiles? All easily doable.

    2) Challenge setup encoded as a simple text string

    The setup for a CCM game can be encoded to a simple text string that can be copied to clipboard by clicking a button. This can be then shared with others via the forums or any other means. And then in can be easily pasted back in the same CCM setup screen, making it easy for us to share our own CCM setups with other players.

    3) CCM code visible on the stats screens

    The code for a CCM game would always be visible on all the pages of the stats screen following each game for screenshot purposes.

    These three parts together would not only enable us to have fun in the way we want to, but also to have some friendly competition in the form of Community Challenges, where we share our custom challenges and take part in them, and after completing them, we can show relevant screenshots from the stats pages as “proof” of completion (it’s all in good fun, so no need for hack-proof methods – or Photoshop-proof for that matter).

    This idea doesn’t come out of nothingness. I used to play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer quite a lot (~1000 hours) and was involved with the community, and this kind of stuff was very popular among a significant number of community members, and it kept some people playing for thousands of hours. However, what limited its potential was that there were very few methods for setting requirements, it was mostly limited to characters and weapons you were able to use and the “medals” you were rewarded after the game mostly for specific types of kills (such as “10/25/50 assault rifle kills”). Still, at its best it was very much fun and added greatly to the replay value of the game.

    To summarize, here’s an example how you could use this feature:

    You go to Custom Challenge Mode setup. You set up a game, where you start with Wrecker and one point of armor. You disable all armor, energy and weapon spawns and drops except for ammo. Then you enable Scorpions as the only enemy that can spawn and set a victory condition to “50 robots destroyed”. Then you click “Copy CCM code” and Alt-Tab to your web browser. You write a post in the Community Challenge Thread, sharing the CCM code and writing some fluff story about Outer Rim Station MIL132 being under attack by insane robots and challenge us to help the mankind. Then we copy the code, go into CCM setup and click “Insert CCM code” and start the game. After successful completion, we each take a screenshot from the stats screen showing “Victory!” and the CCM code for proof and share that screenshot in the thread. Whoever gets the fastest time is likely to gain all-important community approval and some virtual brofists and pats in the back.

    Doesn’t that sound like fun?

    The best part about this is that – as far as I can fathom – it wouldn’t take all that much effort from the dev team to implement the CCM. Most of the meat is already there, we just need some knobs and UI for said knobs to tweak the challenge mode parameters that already exist in the game but are currently just randomized. Add to that a couple scripts for simple victory conditions (timers, # robots destroyed etc.) and it’s all done.

    Obviously there wouldn’t be a leaderboard for the CCM.

    Thanks for reading. Please leave your comments, if you have any, and feel free to ask for any clarification if you find this idea confusing in any way.

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    I think overall this is a great idea. I’d loe to have some sort of way of selecting what variables to the Challenge mode you want to implement; want to only fight Super Robots, Ambushes happen more often, etc. in addition to listed above. I’m not a programmer but this seems to be a great idea with about as little dev cost needed compared to a lot of other ideas and could add a lot of replay ability (as stated above). I can see where the import/export feature might be a little bit more tricky though. I’d definitely be happy if this idea was implemented in some form. 🙂

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    I also Love this idea. It would be really fun to challenge each other with crazy scenarios. The only real difficulties I can forsee are the integration of custom maps that people might create with the level editor, and the fact that it would take some development time to create the menus for this. As for the import export, I’ve seen the codes in Mass Effect. I think it’s just a string of alphanumeric digits that act like a punchcard for the game to set all the options automatically.

    I’ve never done much with Mass Effect’s multiplayer but I did play Halo Reach. Halo had a mode called Firefight which was a bit like challenge mode and had a lot of the options that Lemur is mentioning. It was a great way to play the game and kept me coming back again and again. Naturally Firefight also supported 4 player co-op. 🙂

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    This sounds good to me too. 🙂
    I’ll give it a +1 too!

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    16 minutes into a recent interview with Luke he describes something very similar to what you are proposing, listen from 16:00-18:00, I think you might be pleased with what you hear:


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