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    Excited to brag announce that I have all eight #1 slots on the Syrinx leaderboards as of the time of this posting!! After about a week of practice after the Foundry Countdown runs, I started closing in on taking the full set of Syrinx records. Rookie/Ace/Insane were left after the Countdown records last month, and I’ve ardently defended Infinite/Hotshot since taking it several builds ago. First the good stuff —

    Here’s my run-to-end-runs, a 467-kill monster on Insane. I’ve been having trouble with Overload’s stability with Build 44, so this abruptly cuts out — the last frame in the video is the last I saw too. The simulation will keep running until I kill it (everything works but the window won’t open or display anything), so it was a tense gamble to wait out the invulnerability and then die, since I wasn’t sure if keyboard inputs would totally crash it and I obviously wanted the score to post. I pick up one additional kill after this video ends — probably a missile pod taking something out.

    This run has a moderately easy bot makeup and a great secondary upgrade chain of Creeper-ST, Thunderbolt-MX, Missile Pod-ST, Crusher-DX, Hunter-W, Impulse-Q, Falcon-T, Driller-DX (finally!), Devastator-PT, and Cyclone-F. Most of the primaries went unused except for the occasional crusher or cyclone. Invulnerabilities were becoming oddly abundant towards the end, and given their carry ability and my fluctuating but solid shield values for most of the back of this run, I’d say 500+ would have been easily possible.

    I fished a *ton* for the bot makeup, sometimes getting 50 kills deep with maxed shields and abandoning runs at the first sight of a guardian — this run has gob/harpy/gorg/scorpion/shred/wyvern, with SHarpies and SGobs. These proved the easiest to combat since their attacks/dodges were more predictable and health considerably lower, making them easy prey for super trackers and hunter-W’s. Once momentum built up, the Driller really turned into a secondary itself, supplementing the insane power of a perfect set of secondary upgrades. Lots of robots still do that weird corner-strafe-prefire thing, lots of supers spawn at point-blank with no activation time before they start firing, lots of annoying/unavoidable stuff is sticking around on insane.

    I noticed this with Zero’s vids and again in my run — Insane eases up after a while, it seems. Shield drops go back to the default, robot spawns level off…it’s a huge mountain to climb to get to ~250, but once you’re there, you can coast a bit. Maintenance is still a big mental challenge as well as the usual dexterity, but it’s not the crazy desperation of a 1000+ trainee run.

    Super proud of this one — I know a *much* higher score is possible here, and I’m fully confident 500+ was possible with this setup, but I’m wigging excited for a record this high to begin with.


    In addition to the 8 records, I’ve also completed a 1087-kill trainee run on Syrinx/Infinite. No leaderboards or anything, but this proves that with practice and enough shield drops, anything is possible! Trainee still has a ceiling to it, it seems — shield drops were close-to-nothing-but-if-you’re-good-enough-you-can-grab-them, and then dropped to effectively zero. These are always fun to mess around in, and that weird hypoxia of shield drops is unique and really fun.


    Here’s the rookie record, in case anyone wants to have a look at it. Rookie’s a bit of an odd duck — not much of the challenge of hotshot+, but you still have to be more alert and sooner than trainee. Rookie’s great for style practice — flips and rolls and crazy matrix dives down long pipes and stuff — much less risk for the kill reward. The challenge in pushing rookie records is taking it seriously early enough to stay alert and focused towards the top. The shield floor drops out after 25 minutes of pitched combat and everything is unexpectedly dangerous…tough to get a handle on! Was surprised this was such a challenge.


    Shameless plug — the quality on some of my videos lately has been pretty middling — that’s because they were ripped from my Twitch stream! I’ve started broadcasting occasional practice sessions and record attempts in case anyone finds it interesting. Find me at if you want to drop in sometime! I’ve highlighted records on my channel, and the site automatically archives each broadcast for a few weeks. Also, you can always find my best performances (and many others) on YouTube. I’ve made a playlist for these eight records at the following link:

    Been a hell of a ride getting these and buffing them out — I know it’s just early access and things aren’t well and truly competitive yet but the idea of being #1 on a global leaderboard is just insane to me. I could probably wax poetic for a solid hour about why Syrinx is just about the perfectly-balanced CM map, but even if better-crafted ones are included with the final game, this’ll be my fave.

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    Nice going Chilly! I remember a brief stint at the top of the Syrinx board back before leading code made it in. Always knew I didn’t belong there but it was fun! 😉

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    Ha thanks! Definitely going to be bumped off once the full game releases or even as things go on in EA here but it’s cool for the moment!

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