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    tl;dr: Anybody know what kind of hardware is needed to play Overload smoothly at 4k?

    First of all, I’ve been busy but finally got an opportunity to play through the early release, and it is fantastic! Not only is it beautiful, but it was buttery smooth at 1080p on a system I built in 2013. Great work, devs!

    I’m not much of a PC gamer anymore, but I have a need to upgrade that computer anyway, and I just got a 4k TV that I use it with. I tried cranking up the resolution, but it got really choppy.

    Any insights would be appreciated!

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    I don’t know the minimum, but my setup was playable on my 4K TV (not my choice for gaming, too much screen lag). All settings maxed out at 3840 X 2160:
    Using the Steam Frame Rate counter, I got 60 to 80 FPS, even during firefights, the game was smooth and responsive at all times. Oddly the lowest frame rates were when nothing was going on – I saw some 40s and 50s when I was just drifting around. Perfectly playable, but I will go back to my 2560 X 1440 after this. Nothing on my PC is overclocked.
    7700K CPU, 16 GB of 2400 RAM, NV 1070 TI graphics.

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