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    The lengthy (and welcome) break I’ve had from the game has been very beneficial for me in terms of now being able to more easily pinpoint a few items that weren’t abundantly obvious to me a few months ago – perhaps an effect of recently spending upwards of 40 head-scratching hours in “The Talos Principle” ? I made a similar post to the following on Steam, but I think it’s more appropriately placed here when it comes to feedback or general comments and thoughts. Consider the following a motley collection of ad-hoc thoughts spawned (pun intended) by jumping into CM subsequent to the recent update:

    CM – training preset with player defined bot-pool:

    I’d like to throw out a suggestion for a variant of CM whereby the player is able to choose which bots should be included in the enemy pool for any given run. This variant of CM would naturally not be included in the leaderboard scores, for obvious reasons, but would however provide a quasi-training scenario for the player to be able to focus on the strengths of particular enemies, as opposed to dealing with the entire bot pool or whatever the RNG throws at him/her. I do believe that this variant would be a welcome addition for new players to hone their skills – bear in mind that I consider myself a “new” player – not new to Overload, but certainly new to 6DoF as of April, 2017, and while I find Overload to be very accessible, I still tend to look at many aspects of this game from a new players’ perspective i.e. ways to better cater to a wider audience, especially since this genre seems to be the hardest to master in my opinion.
    From an overhead perspective, I dare to hazard a guess that adding this CM variant would be relatively straight forward, although I suspect that ultimately, the deciding factor will be whether or not this is relavant enough to warrant implementation.

    CM – Weapon upgrade notifications:

    Although the player is presented with a fairly large visual notification (banner) once an upgrade has been received, I find myself missing these on occasion, particularly when things get extremely hectic. I’d like to suggest the addition of an optional (menu driven) spoken announcement i.e. the player can choose which type of notification he/she would prefer – visual banner across the screen, or an acoustic (spoken) notification (Forsaken or Q3 announcer immediately come to mind). Personally, I’m an individual that reacts better to acoustic cues as opposed to visual, and the less visual distractions I have on screen during such a high-octane game experience, the better. As a side note, having played ECHO and Hellblade this summer, those games are exemplary in the way that they provide minimalistic HUD’s and notifications, and leverage acoustics to the hilt – yes, different genre’s, but fabulous game design in favour of the player.

    CM – More ICE levels:

    I believe there are currently two CM levels that contain Ice – are there any plans to include more as part of the final release, or will this be something that will be left to the community to develop ? Water is out of the question I assume ?

    “Verticality” in CM levels:

    With the exception of Hive and Syrinx (and Roundabout to some extent), CM levels in general seem to lack verticality i.e. the play feels largely geared to a somewhat confined and narrow horizontal plane lacking larger cube-like areas that would be conducive to more vertical gameplay – again, think Hive for example, which incidentally is by far the worst CM level for me personally in terms of PB’s, but I believe that more CM levels with that type of unobstructed vertical scale would be very welcome and would certainly help improve flight skills.

    Backfire is nonetheless contagious, despite the lack of ice and “verticality”. It becomes considerably more intense far quicker than other CM levels.

    The game (CM in my case) is still immensely enjoyable and I can’t even begin to imagine how much better it will (hopefully) be upon final release.

    Overload Team
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    The Level Editor will hopefully give you access to levels that cover what you’re asking for (can’t really be certain right now, as it’s not finished). As for the audio cue – good point/idea. No promises, but I’ll talk to the team about it.

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    Thanks for your response and for acknowledging the feedback….much appreciated.

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    Some really nice thoughts Personicus, I’d like to add that a little indicator on the hud for max weapon upgrade would be a really nice additions, so you could clearly see which weapons are fully upgraded and which are not. Maybe the weapon icons could be extended a bit and the letters of the upgrade displayed below for example.

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    Thank you Yinut. Yes, I agree with your suggestion regarding the addition of a HUD indicator for weapon upgrades. Although I would really like an audio cue that informs me as soon as an upgrade has been obtained, it also needs to be represented on the hud.

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    Yeah, I would really like to know which weapons have which upgrades by just looking at the HUD. I don’t like having to select them one by one just to see.

    Prepare for Overload…

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