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    I guess people are too busy playing the game to show some love for this game here. But here you go.

    My fears were overcome and my hopes exceeded, Overload ends up right there with the Descent series as one of the best fps games to exist (this is totally not opinionated). It’s different by being modern, perhaps linear at times, but never failing to feel open for different tactics. The gameplay is refined and refreshingly challenging.
    I hope that as the game is being worked on and improved still, we’ll get a multiplayer experience of similar standards, and a level editor that keeps the game going. Nevertheless, for now, I’m content and happy with the game.
    Thank you, Revival productions!

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    I’m all praised and acclaimed out. Praising and acclaiming is all I’ve been doing for days!
    So just put your own praising and acclaiming here, and pretend they’re mine. You can bet I agree with them.

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    made an account just to say how impressed I’ve been with the first 6 levels I’ve played, complex enough to get lost, but never so much that I have to use the map if I don’t want to, and finding secrets is so satisfying because you can develop a sense for where to search for them without exactly knowing what it is you’re looking for

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    I’m saving my comments until I have had time to really sink my teeth in, however I will say that I am mc-lovin it! VERY impressed and expectations exceeded!

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    It’s the real “Descent 4”, or rather an expansion to the same universe, since Descent 3 came to an end. I was taken in by the story and the environments, as well as the music (Level 13 and 14 are my favourites – all of a sudden it seemed like Halo, but in a good way, and those were the ones with Jerry Berlongieri’s music so it reminded me of Descent 3 also). Also a shoutout to Level 11 having music that sounded a bit like Level 17 from Descent 1 (also both were set on Tethys, so it gives the moon a character).

    Something I would really like to see is if the original D1 and D2 levels were remade in Overload (with the robots, weapons and PTMC MatCen mechanics, etc). It should be pretty easy for the makers and maybe they could make it as add-ons / DLC, I would definitely pay to see that. Not expecting it for D3 as that was not cube based and had outside zones, so would be quite a lot harder to pull off.

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    For me Overload is the modern Descent we as fans needed and deserved, I don’t have to look any further. 🙂
    As such a big Descent fan as I am, I’m totally pleased with how Overload turned out, it’s a master piece, and I put it alongside and at the same level on the videogame pedestal where Descent 1,2 & 3 are. C:

    I like it even more than Descent 3, and very similarly to Descent 1 & 2, it’s the Descent ‘sequel/prequel’ (as you would like to see it) of my dreams, even if it doesn’t has the brand name.

    I loved how the first 12 levels featured a VERY Descent 1-ish style, gameplay and atmosphere mixed with some Descent 2 and 3 mechanics (switches, accelerators, mini-generators, forcefields, etc) in perfect balance, with no boring hyper complex puzzles, and how it suddenly everything changes starting on level 13, it totally blew my mind how they represented the alien worlds, even if the Planetoid on Descent 3 Mercenary was also a nice approach.

    But the alien levels of Overload easily beats the Planetoid of D3 and the Alien1 & Alien2 worlds of Descent 2, as it ACTUALLY feels as if you are really in a very far alien world, like it happened with Xen on Half-Life.
    The different mechanics that the Revival team implemented on those levels (the Cores that only activates with Thunderbolt/Lancer, the teleporting bots, the aesthetics, the weapons that ONLY appear on those levels, etc) not only helped to develop the story further, but also made the game super fun and fascinating (even if I was a bit frustrated with the Stratalustar and its boss arena 😛 ).

    The music is so good, I fell totally in love with level 11 theme (Tetrahedron) from Luke, and was so happy to see a “Descent” (?) game featuring themes from the big veterans Jerry, Dan and Alister, brings me back to my young Descent playing days but with a totally fresh and new vibe.

    Perhaps it may sound exagerated, but playing Overload brings me some tears to my eyes, I couldn’t describe exactly with words how fascinated and in love with this game I am. :’)

    Kudos and long life to the Revival team, your work is very much appreciated! 😀 <3 – Pumo Software official Website
    – Pumo Mines progress: 60%

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    Overload is awesome. It perfectly recaptures the mood and game play of descent. It has exceeded expectations and has delivered an amazing game.

    Words will never express the feelings of gratitude for the whole team that have brought us this game.

    A big thank you to all involved in this project. It is a masterpiece.

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    Love it.
    I still remember Jim Harbaugh making a commercial for Descent ][ (on TV!!!!)…
    “You’re Goin’ Down …. Again”
    and enjoying it.

    Best PC game I bought in many a year.


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    So excited to finally play the full campaign when I have my computer set up again.

    In the mean time, the soundtrack is extreeeemely entertaining. Excellent work to all the musicians, used to listen to Descent ][ Redbook all the time — now there’s Overload and it’s incredible.

    Made me think of something that is kind of hard to articulate from D2 but the songs actually played an important role, to me, in the storytelling. The extra sound bites and voices, even though they were just mixed into the songs, really added to the storytelling.

    Now I imagine I need to play the game to hear the voices for the data recordings played over the awesome songs to feel the storytelling happening that way. I am excited but in the mean time, just wanted to say awesome work on the music. It’s so awesome.

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    Got my Backer reward in the mail today. Very proud to support this game. I’m only a few levels into the single player campaign and I’ve audibly said “wow” several times. This team made something that was worth waiting 20 years.

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    Absolutely. Revival completely knocked it out of the park with Overload, and I sincerely hope they enjoy the financial success this should bring them.

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    This is what I expected of D3. I made three D3 single-player levels, but found Retribution was slowed down by the puzzles. I made a few puzzles in my own levels because the scripting allowed for that and it maintained the same feel as D3. I prefer what Overload has done with the single-player levels. More streamlined, more action, more fun.

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