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    I see a lot of improvements are being done to this game all the time and it makes me happy, and at the same time worried. For example the automap with all it’s quirks and the level guide system are completely obsolete if the levels itself aren’t given enough attention.

    I can’t say that I liked Titan 6, it’s the most linear level so far with quite dull gameplay. The bots, at least the blob shooters, need to be harder on insane. They don’t dodge a lot and the missile loadouts make almost all robots trivial to bring down. At the same time the shielded dual generator creates a messy fight in the hall, as the bots are spawned very fast and they follow wherever you go. I dislike the generally applied following mechanic, sometimes you just want the robots to stay where they spawn and move small amounts. Clever tactical moves like in Descent 1 would of course be appreciated. Though, such a mechanic couldn’t even exist with this linear maps.

    This is my opinion on the level and the state of the campaign in general, but feel free to post your own feedback here.

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    It could use a few more side areas and mazeishness near the start certainly, but at least it opens up nicely closer to the end. Building an area specifically to hold the first security key (may have mentioned this before :P) would go a long way.

    I didn’t think the song fit this level as well as it fit The Hive. A track with some kind of bleak spacey feeling would complement the level’s same, and make it feel scarier. The Hive song would work to give a bright level a bit of darkness but this level is much darker than it is. It’s like Doom 3 dark. 😀

    Overall it reminds me of one or two of Descent 1’s maps… one of them, I think, came right after Titan in that game, but I mostly remember it because of the music. :-/ Honestly making it more like that one (both level and song, lol) would only be a good thing.
    Apart from the linearity I really liked the map. A few more enemy surprises might be nice if areas get fleshed out, but I found the gameplay fine even if it wasn’t quite up to the level of Outer Moons 2.

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