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    when I play Caverns, and when I’m down in the “cellar”, I often hear the impacts from titans against some wall somewhere, even though no Titan is near me. They seem to see me through the walls and shoot against them. Now it’s possible that other bots see through as well, but it was the *dumpf* *dumpf* of the titans that I noticed the most.

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    I’ve also noticed the same thing as well. I think it’s the same with other robot types also.

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    Sorry to bump this old post but this does still seem to be a problem with Caverns as of EA release 9. Posted a couple of clips of this into Discord:

    This only seems to happen (or at least is much more likely) when you have the headlight active. It also looks like it might be only Wyverns that are involved, as that fits the weapon types heard and seen – I didn’t clip it, but I experienced Reflex shots passing completely through the wall from the opposite side and hit me.

    It definitely feels like there are robots spawning outside of the level somehow, in this approximate area where the yellow eye is:

    This same position could also shoot toward the bottom of the shaft in clip #2.

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