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    Trichording feels really odd in the teaser. Like occasionally it seemed to go slower than bi-chording. Basically I had to move in 2 axis because it was faster a lot of times than using all 3. Now this could be made a nice mechanic with some tweaking. But, currently the game feels a tad sluggish because of it. The joystick sensitivity had some effect on it too, but I suppose it’s a work in progress anyways.

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    Yeah, Luke said that trichording isn’t really done yet, but bichording is. I think that’s how he put it anyway. They’ll finish it though. At least, that’s the last I heard.

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    I started another thread about sensitivity – probably needs to be moved here – from the Teaser section. I find the existing setting unbelievably sensitive – even with my stick crnaked down to zero in the software.

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