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    The Missile Pod info screen says “the designs could improved”, should say “the designs could BE improved”:

    Missile Pod typo

    On the level detail screens, the “Established” date has a comma in it: 2,115. Should just be 2115:

    Skoll Outpost typo

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    Same on YMIR and TARVOS outpost Screen

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    Seven more briefing screens with typographical issues. I’ve flagged the error locations with red dots.
    Impulse description: should be “widely”

    Cyclone description: first one should be “dissipate”, second probably shouldn’t have a dash in this context (“high rate”)

    Flak description: should be “technology-sharing initiative”, i.e. dash needs moving

    Phoebe Complex intro: “capacity”

    Goliath description: “Phoebe”, in a couple locations

    Valkyrie description: “anomalies”

    Titan Observatory intro: “occurred” (that one is easy to miss)

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