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    The UI took a few minutes getting used to but it’s absolutely gorgeous. Pause a gameplay video and you really start noticing how nice it is. I haven’t tried the other colors but Aqua looks great in the videos I’ve seen of it. The slight flicker of major text elements, boxes around certain important info, yellow/red highlighting status changes, and high-contrast simplicity all work really well together. It’s cohesive, info-dense, and unobtrusive — really a top-notch job here.

    I’m not sure how this would be done and still maintain the interface’s cohesion, but I’d like to see clearer iconography for weapons — it’s hard to tell what you have armed with the small icons next to ammo counts. Granted, good pilots always know, but sometimes you need to double check! I could see shortening the length of those corner readouts a bit and adding boxes on the center side of each to display larger versions of the weapon icons. Or, they could be appended on either side of the center readout.

    This other idea’s a pipe dream, but animating the tick marks for each weapon for weapon changes (lots of sliding in/out/around, similar in look to how the fusion charges up) over the course of just a few frames would look really cool. Unless this could be done programmatically though, this might take a while to do every weapon to every other weapon.

    Lastly, a lot of people are noting their gripes with the Super Robot / Surge / Ambush readout — I think it’s livable but not ideal. Icons and simplified text with a quick fade back to the player’s UI color and then slow fade of the element to nothing placed in the unused top-left corner might work to this end, but again the alarm text is fine as-is if it stays.

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    Yeah, I do feel the same way that some of the icons aren’t clear enough as to which Primary or Secondary it is. I don’t know what to do other than to make bigger icons to allow for more detail. Even so, I have noticed that I am memorizing which icon is which just by its location. Besides, the reticle changes a bit and I also know just by doing a test shot. hehe Well actually, I’m lying: I’ve never had to do a test shot, but that’s what I would do if I needed to.

    Perhaps we should have an option to either add the weapon’s 3D model to the HUD when that weapon is currently selected (or at least its distinct profile and color code), or replace the text with that 3D model. Do you know what I mean? So, where the text name is, I would like an option to either *add* the weapon’s 3D model somewhere on that weapon display whether it’s the Primary or Secondary display, or replace the text. Of course, that would raise the question of how we would know which upgrade we have. I think that can be done easily though.

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