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    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
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    We are excited to release some major new Early Access content with a full campaign level, lots of gameplay improvements, and our best challenge mode level yet. This update also includes additional tweaks and bug fixes listed below. If you don’t see the update, restart Steam and it should be visible. If you haven’t yet joined Early Access, head over to our Steam store and join the fun:

    Check out our first full-size campaign single-player level: Outer Moons 3 (final name to be revealed later). This level is mostly complete in terms of gameplay, geometry, and texturing. It represents a fairly low difficulty and complexity level, as it is intended to be the 3rd (of 15) level in the game. Later levels are up to 2x larger (on average). Regardless, some use of the automap may be required. Note that story features (such as the full briefing, in-level voice/story, and ending) and are deliberately withheld.

    New features seen in this level:
    – Cryo Chambers
    – Energy Centers
    – Lockdown Event

    Challenge Mode Features/Content
    – The single-player level isn’t all. Challenge Mode gets some great new content as well.
    – New Challenge Mode Level: Hive
    – New Weapon: Nova missile
    – Local Leaderboards

    Finally, we’ve improved other aspects of the game in response to community feedback (and our desire to make the game awesome):
    – Graphics brightness option
    – Vive recenter key (F5) fixed
    – Performance optimizations especially with large numbers of bots and projectiles
    – Robot balance changes to Titan, Guardian and Scorpion
    – HUD tweaks
    – Control configuration changes: remapping weapon select buttons, dedicated smash attack button, new advanced control options
    – Various minor fixes

    We’ll keep an eye on the forums for feedback, as well as updating the game quickly if we need to make any critical fixes. We’re already working on the next major update, so look for more info on that coming soon.

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    I was totally lost in Story Mode. Everything was great in Story Mode and the new Challenge Mode. My only request would be more curved surfaces in the non cave Story Mode level. Man this brought back Descent memories. Great work!!

    Kickstarter Backer
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    My new favorite level, Hive. I can employ my play style fully. The Nova missile reminds me of some other old weapon but harder to avoid. Evil.
    Thoroughly enjoying the progress of development. Keep up the great work!

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    Actually, I wasn’t paying that much attention to it before, but it does look like framerates are far higher than they used to be. I was seeing a lot of dips below 60 a month or two back, but it seems to be consistently over 100 now, even in a firefight… and when nothing is happening usually over 200.

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    The new campaign level is nostalgic beyond belief. It’s beautiful….I cannot believe how reminiscent it really is of the Gameplay of D1&2. Thank you, Devs, for taking this to Early Access. We are all having a bast 😉

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    If they are doing a release every two weeks, does that mean we are getting the next rev tomorrow?

    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
    Topics: 24
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    I thought we said every “few” weeks or maybe every “3-4” weeks…;)

    In any event, there won’t be a drop tomorrow. I think it will be week after next.

    Sorry if we mis-communicated the plans.

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