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    Hey guys, figured I’d start a weapon thread. So Descent had 10 weapons, 5 primary, 5 secondary. Descent two doubled this by having two weapons in each slot. I am VERY excited for overload, however, I would like some more weapon diversity than even D2 had, and a large amount of weapons and/or variants to use to smash up robots in the mines.

    For example, the helix & spreadfire in D2 were pretty dang similar. But then you had amazing ideas like the phoenix cannon which fired bouncing shots, or guided missiles which you could literally fly around corners into enemies.

    So far all the weapons look fairly same-y from descent (by same I mean gameplay wise, obviously they look a heck of a lot better!). I’m guessing this is on purpose to bring on the nostalgia from DI & II. The new “smart mines” look much more fun though because you launch them forwards, and then they chase. So it’s not quite as useless as D2. And I’m hoping for some really new and innovative ideas. What about you guys? What ideas do you have for weapons?

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    When the target isn’t near a wall, missiles are effectively just another projectile, like lasers. What about being able to detonate a missile before it even strikes anything? (Same with mines, like pipe bombs in Team Fortress.) That way you can actually make use of the radius damage even when there are no nearby surfaces to strike.

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    The devastator already has remote triggering.

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    Indeed, and it’s a pretty neat effect. One of the things in Descent that hasn’t been done before but has great applications in multiplayer. It also has the interesting counter-tactic that when someone has a live Devastator in the air, you know they can’t fire another missile until it explodes (unless they can switch? Hmm).

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    The thing about weapon diversity, though, is that more isn’t always better. Sure, D2 has a staggering 20 weapons to pick from, but the only primaries I find myself using are the Helix, Gauss, and Laser when I need to conserve energy, and for secondaries, I only find myself using homers, smarts, the occasional mercury missile, and megas and earthshakers for bosses. I’d much rather have 12 weapons, each of which have their own unique usage, than 20 weapons with very overlapping uses.

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    Ya why continue to have the spreadfire selectable when you get the helix, for example. Just replace it when you get the upgrade (same with Vulcan/Guass.)

    I’m glad to hear that there is a remotely detonated missile! I was asking for this on the Talon forums since when flying well over the terrain there simply are no surfaces for missiles to explode on. Interesting that you can’t fire anything while you have a devastator in the air, must be powerful like a mega missile!

    I’m wondering if the same could be done for less powerful rapid fire missiles, like concussions. Some ideas on how to handle multiple remotely detonated missiles:
    -aim an instant eye laser at them to make them explode
    -or each time you press the detonator button it explodes the missile that’s been in the air the longest.
    -or have an adjustable timer so they automatically explode after a certain amount of time.
    (same thing for possible remotely detonated mines, perhaps even a combo of the above options.)

    Another cool thing to have is not having to select a weapon, rather have all weapons ready to fire at any time. So you have a dedicated fire laser button, a dedicated fire spreadfire button, etc (another thing I requested for Talon before Scott fell of the face of the planet!) I have another game setup like this and it works great! Or if that is too radical, maybe have 2 primaries ready and 2 secondaries ready at any given time? Situations can change quickly and having another weapon ready could be very useful.

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