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    I’ve found a fully implemented WebGL version of Quake 3 demo at The only problems I’ve found are that the opponents don’t seem to use the default machine gun, and the escape key first releases the pointer before showing the menu. It seems to be based off of the ioquake3 source port. (to relinquish pointer control after using the game menu click on another tab, then back, then click in the viewport. another way to toggle the menu is press ~ then enter /togglemenu . press ~ then enter /cg_fov 120 to get a better FOV setting.can

    EDIT: The link at is broken, here is a direct link to the WebGL Quake 3 demo
    (link works intermittently)

    There’s also one for Descent 2 demo
    GitHub project
    Link to WebGL Descent 2 demo

    Both have sound effects, but are missing music.

    Web browsers already have full access to joysticks via GamePad API (don’t let the name fool you.) I just came across the WegGL Descent 2 demo so I don’t know yet if it uses GamePad API. Chromium based browsers accesses controllers via RawInput, so I don’t think you need drivers as long as the controller is USB HID compliant.

    WebGL game demos are really cool. You can play them on any OS and you don’t have to install any software (other than the web browser which is usually installed anyhow.) Go to some random computer (like at a internet cafe) and goto the website and have some fun!

    EDIT: Descent 2 WebGL version is indeed very much in the Alpha state, robots don’t even move or fire.

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