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    Hi Folks

    Like many here I am a diehard Descent fan going back many years, to when the original games came out. I think I have wasted … cough cough erm spent more hours in the Descent games than any other franchise, so it’s fantastic to see that it lives on. I was aware of the “other” Descent remake, but the less said about that the better perhaps.

    It’s great to walk into an Early Access game which is already highly playable, even on my 5 year old laptop with a 650M laptop graphics chip. It looks fantastic and I look forward to seeing it as it develops.

    Keep up the good work!


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    Welcome to the team 🙂

    This has definitely been the most fun I’ve had following an Early Access game. Revival has been amazing at listening and interacting with us, and this community is one of the nicest I’ve come across. Make sure to share any thoughts you have, it’s always nice to have another voice!

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    Welcome to Overload!

    I agree that it’s by far the most authentic re-envisioning of the Descent formula, but more refined and perfected than ever. Can’t wait for the full game to drop myself!

    If you need some other great 6DOF titles to keep you appetized, you might want to check out Sublevel Zero and Retrovirus, both of which are refreshingly different and very fun. However, Overload is definitely the main course here! 😉

    Mike Kulas
    Overload Team
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    Thanks, craftycurate!

    Your title reminds me how we think all the old Descenters would know about our game, but it’s not true.

    So what could we have done to make you aware of Overload sooner? Or reach other Descenters? Social media advertising? Post in Descent forums? Other?

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    Good question Mike. I never spent much time on Descent forums or websites, and tended to play solo, so I can’t comment on the best places to advertise the software, and I think some of the old Descent websites are no longer operating.

    I don’t remember seeing Overload advertised on Steam, which I use quite a lot, so maybe if you are able to push for a banner ad that might help.

    The only reason I knew about Overload at all was that it was mentioned in a Review of Descent Underground on Steam by someone who wasn’t pleased with the state and rate of progress with Underground, and was advising readers to check out Overload instead. I don’t normally read that far down the Steam reviews, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about Overload at all.

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    Yeah, I think this needs to be advertised heavily in the Descent community, first and foremost. It also needs to be advertised heavily anywhere gamers might see it.

    I was extremely lucky: I found out about Overload two days before the Kickstarter began. It was mentioned in the Descent Underground chat and I just happened to be there. If I hadn’t been there, then I doubt I’d know about Overload today because I was getting ready to turn my back on Descent Underground at that time. There’s nowhere else I go on the internet that would’ve caused me to find out that Overload exists. is the most likely place I would hear about Overload, but so far I am still the only person on there to show any interest in it. I wish we could do some more fundraising to give you guys tons of money for advertising.

    Prepare for Overload…

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