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    Hi there,
    first of all, Overload is AWESOME! The single-player campaign is great fun and it really has the same feel like the old Descent games.

    But even very good games can be improved and here is a short list of features that I would like to see added in some future patches or addons:

    1. mines / rear weapons. Dropping mines was fun in MP-chases in Descent and setting traps for that pesky thief-bot in D2 was very satisfying. The creepers explode much too fast to be used strategically and they come out on the wrong side of the ship. I would like to be able to drop mines and/or chaff/flare countermeasures to homing missiles.

    2. customizable map markers. So far there is only one map-marker which disappears as soon as you reach it. I would like to be able to set permanent markers with some tags. Like ‘closed secret door’, or ‘Exit’ etc. These would really help with orientation.

    3. co-op multiplayer. … Okay, this belongs in the MP section of this forum. I just write it here again, because I really wish that you’ll add it in some not-too far future!

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