Get Overload Version 0.7 with new Campaign Level NOW!

Posted October 6, 2017 by Cathy Schneider

Overload Version 0.7 Build 83 is now available on Steam Early Access! This is a big drop including a new campaign level, the player ship model, and a ton of smaller changes.  As always, we want to hear your comments and feedback.  Join the discussion on the forums or email us at

New Content
  • Level 4 (Phoebe Peleus)
New Features
  • New Player Ship Exterior – will still be teaked a bit, but now mostly final
  • Rear View (not mapped by default, on ‘Additional Controls’ page of mapping)
  • Quicksave (Default is F8, saves in last slot. Previously had been combined with Checkpoint Save – now these things are separate)
  • 3rd reticle option
  • Ambient sounds in story missions
  • Ability to select which controller is “Primary.” The primary controller is the one that controls the menus.
  • Function Keys can be remapped (Quicksave/Toggle Cockpit F8/F9, etc)
  • Selection wheel controls can be remapped (Additional Contols Page)
  • New fastest speed option for the Joystick/Keyboard turn speed
  • New ‘Low’ option for Joystick Sensitivity
  • Joystick/KB Roll Speed (Turn Speed already controls Yaw & Pitch)
  • Can enter Challenge Mode with less than full loadout (For 2nd+ Primary/Secondary slot, choose “-none-“)
  • Automap now indicates Energy Centers
  • Can delete Pilots with a controller
  • Can quit directly to the Challenge Mode menu to save time when replaying
  • Can go to the Load Game menu from the SP death screen
Feature Changes
  • Holo-Guide will no longer lead to secret powerups until the player finds them
  • Holo-Guide no longer in Challenge Mode
  • Removed “heatmaps” from the automap
  • Removed the option to change FoV in VR (not needed, and didn’t do anything anyway)
  • Removed Super variants of Guardian, Kraken, & Scourge so their new ‘Upgrades’ will be a surprise in the final game 🙂
  • Optimizations
  • Weapon & Missile are now called Primary & Secondary
  • Super Secondary Weapon (Missile) Pickups now give *full
  • ammo (allowing player to have more than max ammo)
  • Changed AI in CM so robots engage the player a little faster at the start of the game (to decrease starting lull)
  • Changed aim on ‘first shots’ by AI, so the player will get more warning shots and be a little less surprised
  • Lowered Robot accuracy on Wind Tunnel Exit (was too precise/unfair)
  • Page Up/Down now wrap for Challenge Mode levels
  • Added First/Last Page controls to menus that support Page Up/Down.
  • Added ‘Jump to My Score’ to in-game leaderbaord.
  • Made [Cancel] not back out of Automap (caused conflicts, mainly with joysticks
    and zoom)
  • Improved robot AI when the player is cloaked
  • Increased movement in automap by 50%
  • Tweaked SFX for supers to differentiate them from their regular versions
  • Better fix to the issue with close-spawning in Challenge Mode
  • Fixed issue with robots getting stuck at exit of wind tunnel
  • Fixed an issue with the cursor re-centering on changing pages (pgup/pgdn)
  • Fixed issue where Holo-Guide was listed as the killer in Countdown
  • Fixed an issue with Reflex & Missile Pods quantum tunneling out of the world
  • Snipers will no longer ‘fall asleep’ in Challenge Mode
  • Cleaned up some timing-related issues with player death
  • Cryopod Numbers now correspond to normal counting, not computer counting (1, 2, 3,… instead of 0, 1, 2,…)
  • Fixed an issue with loading old profiles
  • Fixed an issue preventing the game from starting in Fullscreen
  • Fixed an issue in which the Saved Game Menu wouldn’t render
  • Fixed an issue with Tarvos that would cause certain parts to disappear/not render
  • Fixed a font issue with dashes
  • Corrected the Automap Legend