How to Destroy Bots

Posted February 29, 2016 by Cathy Schneider

We’re working hard on many aspects of the game, with one of the major ones being new weapons.  They’re a great way to show off what’s cool about Overload, and they’re also just fun to work on.  Right now our focus is on ensuring that each weapon functions in a fairly unique way, is fun to use, and looks and sounds cool too.

These are just first passes at the weapons, and we’ll be revisiting all of them later to refine the sound FX and visuals, give them all upgrades, and make sure they’re properly balanced.  Further below you can get a closer look at the art of three of the four missiles that are in the game, but for now, here’s the new trailer showing off the weapons:



prototype_Hunter01 prototype_Creeper01prototype_Devastator01