LAN Matches

Posted June 11, 2018 by Cathy Schneider

How to play a LAN match…

All matches of Multiplayer need a server running, LAN included.  To set up a dedicated server, use the RunDedicatedServer.bat batch file that lives next to the executable. On a normal Steam install, this will be under your Steam folder, here: \\Steam\steamapps\common\Overload\.

In order for this to work, you may need to turn off (or add exceptions to) any firewalls that you are using. In addition, you will need UDP Ports 7000-8000 (inclusive) open, and 8000 open on any clients/players.

Once this is all done (addressed firewall, opened ports, running dedicated server), you can have a LAN match. One special note is that you *have* to set the number of players correctly or it won’t ‘start’. So if you’re playing by yourself, set it to 1 (the dedicated server doesn’t count). If there are 4 of you, 4.

The Dedicated server *can* run on one of the clients if you want. So, for instance, you *can* explore a level by yourself without another machine. It is recommended that you use an extra PC for optimal performance.

Note that on Linux & Mac, you may have to edit/make your own ‘batch’ (sh file) to get them to run. It should work by default on some machines, but not all. This should be more universal:


./Overload.x86_64 -nographics -batchmode


cd — “$(dirname “$BASH_SOURCE”)”
./ -nographics -batchmode