May Update #1

Posted May 9, 2016 by Cathy Schneider

Hello? Anyone here?

Yes we are! Sorry to be quiet lately, but we are moving forward on all things Overload at Revival Productions. Here is what has been keeping us busy.


We moved out of our small, basement office into a space with natural light! We now have an office in Champaign, IL that will fit all of the Revival Productions team at once. No more bumping into each other or wondering where a visitor could sit. Luke could even lie down, which may come in handy when the launch date approaches. Some are still working from other locations, but the Champaign office gives us a great base and room for growth if needed.



It feels great to focus completely on the game!  We are concentrating on many wide-ranging issues to set up future work.  This includes a variety of concept art to hone in on what robot and environment designs we will move forward with.  It also means a lot of design documentation to develop a cohesive and balanced game.  We are changing robots to make smarter AI and open up new behavior possibilities.  In addition, the level editor is getting updated with an eye on usability.  We’re excited to map out the direction of key elements in the game.  In the last month, we:

  • Created and refined list of weapons and robots for final game
  • Prototyped all weapons and weapon upgrades
  • Pre-loaded items and effects to improve performance and reduce stuttering
  • Switched weapons to be more data-driven, easier to edit
  • Prototyped some temporary-effect powerups (invulnerability/etc)
  • Prototyped some level design elements (forcefields/etc)
  • Created prototype challenge mode level
  • Started new song “Driven”
  • Formally signed Allister Brimble to create music
  • Started on automap
  • Refined level editor
  • Worked on and refined high-level story concept
  • Changed most pathfinding to use paths created on demand as opposed to using pre-computed static array
  • Made pathfinding aware of obstructions like 3d decals and doors
  • Fixed pathfinding bug causing slowdown when it was impossible to create a path
  • Conducted environment theme studies
  • Created prototype robot sketches
  • Worked through player ship concepts to narrow down design
  • Implemented first-pass cockpit



We now have over 90% of our backer surveys filled out; great job everyone! Just a friendly reminder to follow the link from your BackerKit email to answer questions regarding your rewards. You can update your information or upgrade your tier there.

Thank you for all the support!