May Update #2

Posted May 24, 2016 by Cathy Schneider

Our second public update is here.  We want to make sure we pass along information you are genuinely interested in.  But, being in the middle of a project can make it difficult for us to tell what is exciting to others (doesn’t everyone love getting rid of warnings?).  Lucky for us, you guys are awesome and sent in great questions that are much more intriguing.  Mike and Luke sat down to answer some of them in the video below.  We had fun with the questions and definitely plan to do this again.  If you have any for the developers, please send them to Cathy Schneider by private message or email


Mike Kulas and Luke Schneider answer your questions; remember their jobs are behind a computer, not usually in front of a camera.


Just a friendly reminder to follow the link from your BackerKit email to answer questions regarding your rewards. You can update your information or upgrade your tier there.

Thanks for the support and remember to send in you questions!