New Content on Overload Early Access Version 0.2

Posted March 31, 2017 by Cathy Schneider

We are excited to release some major new Early Access content with a full campaign level, lots of gameplay improvements, and our best challenge mode level yet. This update also includes additional tweaks and bug fixes listed below. If you don’t see the update, restart Steam and it should be visible.

1st Single-player Level

Full-size campaign single-player level: Outer Moons 3 (final name to be revealed later). This level is mostly complete in terms of gameplay, geometry, and texturing. It represents a fairly low difficulty and complexity level, as it is intended to be the 3rd (of 15) level in the game. Later levels are up to 2x larger (on average). Regardless, some use of the automap may be required. Note that story features (such as the full briefing, in-level voice/story, and ending) are deliberately withheld.

New features seen in this level:
Cryo Chambers
Energy Centers
Lockdown Event

Challenge Mode Features/Content

The single-player level isn’t all. Challenge Mode gets some great new content as well.
New Challenge Mode Level: Hive
New Weapon: Nova missile
Local Leaderboards

Additional Improvements and Fixes

Finally, we’ve improved other aspects of the game in response to community feedback (and our desire to make the game awesome):
Graphics brightness option
Vive recenter key (F5) fixed
Performance optimizations especially with large numbers of bots and projectiles
Robot balance changes to Titan, Guardian and Scorpion
HUD tweaks
Control configuration changes: remapping weapon select buttons, dedicated smash attack button, new advanced control options
Various minor fixes