New Playable Teaser Build (5)

Posted March 17, 2016 by Cathy Schneider

We’ve got a new build of the Playable Teaser ready for download.  If there are any significant (but fixable) issues, we’ll do one more build.  Otherwise, we’ll be making this more widely available tomorrow.  Here are the links:

64-bit Windows

32-bit Windows

Note that this build is near final.  Please post any bugs/etc on the forums or email  No promises that they’ll be fixed, but we’ll add them to our bug list regardless.

Here are the changes since last week:

  • 2 Challenge levels now available
  • Added an indicator on Died screen what Challenge level you’re playing
  • Added joystick sensitivity option (global for now)
  • Added FOV setting
  • Fixed cockpit issues (press F9 to toggle at start of level)
  • Extended range of powerup pickup
  • Revised upsell screen
  • Made remapping clear Pause on Button 7 when resetting to joystick or clearing all
  • Made Blades easier on Easy/Normal
  • Fixed Blades anim issue
  • Changed how speed limiting works for tri-chording/etc.
  • Fixed a bug with forward speed modifier
  • Fixed mouse button activating things it wasn’t actually over
  • Made 2nd Challenge level look a bit nicer
  • Made sure all levels are sufficiently bright
  • Fixed reflection probes not working (at all)
  • Build uses VR device if active (use ForceNoVR.bat if you want to play in non-VR mode on a machine with a VR device)

NOTE: You’ll notice the reflection probes recalculating at the start of the level.  This will be fixed at a later date.