Overload Continued Support

Posted April 8, 2016 by Cathy Schneider

Did you miss our roller coaster of a Kickstarter campaign?  Wish you could still get in on all the great rewards?  Want to help us make Overload the ultimate 6-DOF shooter?  We have the place for you!

Overload Continued Support is up and running!

Many tiers from the Kickstarter campaign are now available for pre-order.  All additional pledges will be added to the Kickstarter total and continue to move us toward our stretch goals.  Our first goal, at $350,000 is for MOD TOOLS & EDITOR DOCS: We’ll add support for custom robots and weapons (data and 3D models) in addition to releasing full Level Editor documentation.

Thank you for the amazing support and enthusiasm!

Please note there are special instructions for PayPal payments and T-shirt / Boxed Copy Add-ons.