Overload Version 0.4 Build 44 now live on Steam EA

Posted May 19, 2017 by Cathy Schneider

We’re continuing work on Overload, with more of an eye towards finishing the full game. There are fewer tweaks/fixes in this build, but more major (in-progress) features, as well as a Singleplayer and Challenge Mode level.

The latest build of Overload is available on the main branch of Steam. Build 44 is what you should see on the main menu.


·Press F8 to save anywhere.
·Press F9 from pause or main menu to load most recent save.
·Much work to do here. Known issues with Reactors, Locked Doors, CryoTubes, and End Level item counts.

Holo-Guide, aka Guide-Bot:
·Will bind to dpad-right or keyboard B if available.
·Tap key to pursue next objective.
·Hold key to bring up selection wheel.

Story mode level: OUTER MOONS 2

Challenge mode level: FOUNDRY

New Robot: OGRE (found in two levels above)


Some updates to levels (OM3 and Syrinx).

AI/balance tweaks:
·Guardian and Titan pathfind about 50% faster in challenge mode.
·Fix super fast robot movement bug.
·Robots won’t instantly fire at you when they see you for the first time or after not seeing you recently.
·Tweak choosing of spawn location in challenge mode.
·Golem makes a more obvious attack sound.
·Added a small firing delay after using weapon wheel to prevent exploiting.

Clean Machine achievement now possible.

Added support (and used) collision-only faces for high-poly decals. Optimizes small pipe collision speed especially.

Some doors now have different sounds.

Fixed boost upgrade not working as expected.

Stopped exploding objects (reactor, etc) from knocking the player back due to extreme velocities.

No powerups from robot generators that die when the reactor is destroyed.

Added destroyable monitors to SP levels.


Save/load stuff (see above).

Holo-Guide needs an interface improvement/simplification.

Some fans in SP levels are super-shiny (a build issue).