Overload Version 0.5 now available on Steam Early Access!

Posted June 22, 2017 by Cathy Schneider

We’re proud to announce the release of Overload’s version 0.5 on Steam. This is a major drop with some big new features and content in it.

New Content

* Challenge Mode level: Roundabout
* Single-player level: Titan 6
* Robot: Scourge

New Features

* Initial player death sequence
* Initial level exit sequence
* Axis settings/calibration menus
* Menus for save game/load game
* Five new achievements
* Automap Heatmaps — see note below

Fixes & Improvements

* Now see your primary weapon when the cockpit is enabled (note that firing positions have changed slightly)
* Slightly larger Pickup radius
* Slightly larger font size for armor value on the reticle
* Tweaked missile damage to player
* Tweaked how robots are chosen to appear in Challenge Mode (should not affect overall difficulty, but should have more variety and more consistent difficulty)
* Better feedback when invulnerable (sound + less push/shake)
* Fixed descriptions/functionality for some upgrades and added asummary page
* Fixed Thunderbolt exploits
* Fixed a few controller issues
* Fixed foreign language Linux bug
* Fixed an issue with map-spawned armor/energy pickups despawning in Challenge Mode

Additional Notes

* The heatmap feature is new and is not in its final state. Heatmaps can be turned on in the regular automap by pressing the “Switch Missile” control.
* Heatmaps can also be viewedfrom the Level Complete and Player Died menus. Red dots are robotdeaths; magenta dots are super-robot deaths; and blue dots are player damage.
* When viewing a heatmap, pressing the “Roll Left 90” control will show a time-lapse view of activity.
* VR support may be a bit buggy/unfinished with the death/exit sequences.
* The player ship model is still low poly and untextured, but does represent the overall direction.

Known Bugs

* Exit sequence does not function properly in VR
* Player ship does not break into pieces while exploding.

User Survey

If you can, please give us feed back on Overload!  Join the Steam discussions, our forums or fill out this quick survey.  Thanks for the support!